Beta MODGODS 4X4 Driver Training 1.0

Made the driver training map into a 4x4 heaven with lots more fun added (all cars welcome)

  1. nickbaxwar
    MODGODS 4X4 Driver Training
    For all our 4x4s and mods. Its made for hard and easy 4x4 driving and average car testing and it has some steep climbs, water crossings and lots of extra tracks and fun including castle hill trial tracks. Map in preview pictures :)

    I dont suggest stock cars but they are fun to play with, my favorite vehicle for this map is the 4x4 GL83 by the author gmaksi83 or any good 4x4 mod.

    To remove map just disable or delete

    "Be sure to check out my facebook page url bellow"

    Here is a few previews:

    And some HD photos taken by: DaBoise
    screenshot_00021.png screenshot_00022.png screenshot_00024.png screenshot_00025.png screenshot_00026.png screenshot_00027.png screenshot_00028.png screenshot_00029.png screenshot_00030.png screenshot_00033.png screenshot_00034.png screenshot_00035.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Matt Cook
    Matt Cook
    Version: 1.0
    It's really good.
    Version: 1.0
    Fun map! Needs more mud!
    1. nickbaxwar
      Author's Response
      haha cheers man yer i will keep updating and adding new bits :)
      thanks for the review
  3. MadLeigh
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome Modification of a Dev Map... I had a blast driving the 2004 Campbell Moonbuggy, 8x8 Heavy utility truck & Ibishu Pigeon STi-G on it, It kept on breaking the Hondune Buggy lol Also used the Maz 535 to crawl around.
    1. nickbaxwar
      Author's Response
      yer i noticed that with the buggy lol glad to see you liked it and i will update this map many times :p
  4. DaBoise
    Version: 1.0
    This map is pretty good! The idea is really well shown on the map and you used shrubbery and detail on this map! It looks really well put together. Here are a few pros:

    1. Great fun trails
    2. Variety of offroad circumstances
    3. LOTS of trails!

    I really think this is your best map yet. Would it be possible for you to capture the screenshots in on the high setting? Other than that, I really like your map.
    1. nickbaxwar
      Author's Response
      thanks heaps for the review and i will keep updating as time goes on as its my fav also. i have been looking for a tester and person to do preview pics and videos but i have not found one as of yet
  5. Traxxas-Master
    Version: 1.0
    very fun! Good job.
    1. nickbaxwar
      Author's Response
      great to hear and thanks heaps i personally love and cant wait to keep adding to it :)
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