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Beta MODGODS 4X4 Trial #4 1.0

This is my new map No. 4 out of 10, Slow and steady is better

  1. nickbaxwar
    This is map 4 out of a collection of 10 small 4x4 maps.
    All 10 maps are hard but the closer to map 10 the harder they get and more advanced they get and longer they get.

    All the maps will more then likely require a snorkel and are made for Slow realistic hard 4x4 driving.

    This map has steep climbs and a fair few water crossings and bog holes and 2 bridges made from trees.

    ****This level is a little bit harder then the past 3 maps****

    I do apologise for the size and i will work on that with the update.

    I dont suggest stock cars, my favorite vehicle for these maps is the 4x4 GL83 by the author gmaksi83 .

    Credit to NaxNir for the blank map to start with.

    To remove map just disable or delete

    "Be sure to check out my facebook page url bellow"

    Here is a few previews:
    4.jpg 2.png 1.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Ferrari Gto'64
    Ferrari Gto'64
    Version: 1.0
    i like it, its just a fun map to challenge someone without needing 4 hours of my life tryng to make a jump lol
    1. nickbaxwar
      Author's Response
      glad you can see the good side to my maps :)
      they are only small trial maps and nothing more.
      thanks for the review
  2. bobyb55
    Version: 1.0
    like the balancing beams. most of my mods are too wide haha
    1. nickbaxwar
      Author's Response
      cheers mate, it has its easy parts and hard parts
  3. Flukes Horsey Guy
    Flukes Horsey Guy
    Version: 1.0
    i enjoyed it, not too hard and not too easy. good job!
    1. nickbaxwar
      Author's Response
      thanks heaps mate what you said is what i go for :)
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