Outdated More engine parts for Miramar 1.0

Sunburst engine parts on miramar!

  1. Dax_with_a_citroen
    Hello all , a few friends wanted this mod and i think is a good idea to upload it , perhaps there must be a lot of better mods with same topic.
    (Is literally the Sunburst parts one a new engine , no modelling)
    Mod adds:
    -1 Custom I4 Engine:

    Intakes, new gearboxes ,Custom ECU's, ABS performance brakes ,etc
    I strongly recommend to use this mod with my Cabrio miramar mod too , since is fun to drive.

    unknown3333.png Captura3.png Captura2.png Captura.png

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  1. YeeBoyWill
    Version: 1.0
    1. Dax_with_a_citroen
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