Unsupported More Parts for Ibishu Pessima 2.3b

Now with camper conversion varaint

  1. Little Update

    Peter Beamo
    - Camper Conversion! (Still WIP)
    • New Unibody for camper conversion.
    • Now most parts (main bed, gas tank, drawer) have custom jbeam but some not (such as side shelf, rear shelf, side water sink counter). Still in very beta release for this one but all works fine.
    • Thx to @Nekkit for his awesome soda can model!
    screenshot_2020-05-20_21-10-50.png screenshot_2020-05-20_21-11-01.png screenshot_2020-05-20_21-11-26.png

    - Full Exo-Cage now done!
    • Recommend removing doors for better and realistic look lol.

    - More interior parts!
    • Added some photos!
    screenshot_2020-05-15_23-07-55.png screenshot_2020-05-15_23-18-12.png screenshot_2020-05-15_23-37-18.png
    • Added Gambler Stand (I dunno the better name to call it lol)
    • Cooling Box with proper jbeam

    - Signs for Roof Cargo Basket
    screenshot_2020-05-15_21-38-24.png screenshot_2020-05-16_21-42-34.png

    - 2 configs added (Dirt Smasher, Camper)
    screenshot_2020-05-16_21-40-18.png screenshot_2020-05-20_20-59-59.png

    - Small bug fixes

    This is a very little update after a while. Big one will be soon!
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