Unsupported More Parts for Ibishu Pessima 2.3b

Now with camper conversion varaint

  1. Update

    Peter Beamo
    Camper Interior
    • Jbeam added for right shelf and left counter
    • Wooden texture redone

    Lifted Independent Suspension added
    • With the strut spacer kit helps lifting the car up about 4-5inches. now you can run with stock strut but dont need to worry about ground clearance!
    screenshot_2020-05-25_23-02-10.png screenshot_2020-05-26_13-01-52.png
    Half Cut Front Bumper added with 2 Selectable front bars
    screenshot_2020-05-26_12-56-12.png screenshot_2020-05-26_12-56-40.png

    Tube Half doors added

    - Renewed the terrible config

    - Some configs improved
    - some bugs fixes


    1. screenshot_2020-05-23_17-42-01.png
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