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Mossy Dell Raceway 1.15

Multiseat-oriented micromap.

  1. Fixed scenario cam

    Occam's Razer
    No new content here, but I've added a line of code that resets the free camera position at the end of the countdown.

    Since the last time I updated this map, plenty of BeamNG's multiseat systems have fallen into disrepair. Do be aware that when resetting the 'Track Day' scenario, any vehicles that were deleted at the start of the previous round will spawn in midair. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. Background Mesh, Two More Scenarios

    Occam's Razer
    Added in this update are a partial rework of the existing terrain overlay texture, the addition of a (comparatively) expansive background mesh, and two new scenarios: Track Day and After Hours.
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