Beta Mount Danger 1.1 fixed

Drive as fast as you dare

  1. Insanegaz
    This is mount Danger and it currently has 26.6Km of tarmac roads that go through the mountains.

    This is still in beta so it's not finished yet.
    Currently working on the snowy side of the map but quite a bit has been done now.

    This is just a quick video on the radio telescope side.

    BeamNG2020-07-0910-49-52-06.jpg BeamNG2020-07-0910-49-52-06.jpg


    1. BeamNG2020-06-1818-53-52-18.jpg
    2. BeamNG2020-06-1919-25-06-41.jpg
    3. BeamNG2020-06-2012-54-14-35.jpg
    4. BeamNG2020-06-2016-52-21-83.jpg
    5. BeamNG2020-07-0519-52-13-00.jpg
    6. BeamNG2020-07-0810-37-41-87.jpg
    7. BeamNG2020-07-0810-38-18-38.jpg
    8. BeamNG2020-07-0910-46-52-04.jpg
    9. BeamNG2020-07-0910-47-05-54.jpg
    10. BeamNG2020-07-0910-47-13-42.jpg
    11. BeamNG2020-07-0910-47-25-19.jpg
    12. BeamNG2020-07-0910-47-36-58.jpg
    13. BeamNG2020-07-0910-47-43-30.jpg
    14. BeamNG2020-07-0910-47-58-98.jpg
    15. BeamNG2020-07-0910-48-04-40.jpg
    16. BeamNG2020-07-0910-48-11-57.jpg
    17. BeamNG2020-07-0910-48-38-61.jpg
    18. BeamNG2020-07-0910-50-05-88.jpg
    19. BeamNG2020-08-0114-04-20-04.jpg
    20. BeamNG2020-08-0114-04-42-20.jpg
    21. BeamNG2020-08-0114-05-14-28.jpg
    22. BeamNG2020-07-2716-09-12-25.jpg
    23. BeamNG2020-07-2716-09-20-04.jpg
    24. BeamNG2020-07-2716-09-53-56.jpg
    25. BeamNG2020-07-2716-10-16-28.jpg
    26. BeamNG2020-07-2716-10-22-75.jpg
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Recent Updates

  1. Fix for not showing up.
  2. Snow Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 1.1 fixed
    very much danger :D
  2. GavrilTseries
    Version: 1.1 fixed
    Awesome map love it
  3. Agent_Y
    Version: 1.1 fixed
    Worked great until today. I updated the CrashHard 2.0 map and this one stopped showing up randomly. The console says that it can't load levels/levels/info.json. This is not even the file path of this map. Cleared cache and still won't work. I have no idea what is wrong. But weird thing is that the "broken" update works now even though it's not even packed correctly, shows no errors at all. You really need to look into it.
  4. That Car
    That Car
    Version: 1.1 fixed
    So cool, but can you make more interesting objects PLSSSS

    sorry for bad english
  5. WhiteF0XPlayz
    Version: 1.1 fixed
    This map is totally worth downloading 142 MBs!
  6. .schumacher.
    Version: 1.1 fixed
    The map is still didn't show up in the map selection, but I will give 5 stars for trying
  7. MadLeigh
    Version: 1.1 fixed
    Map has been working fine for me, I've used it quite a few time in the last week or so.. I'm still not adapted to the quite narrow roads as I keep crashing.. Great Map..
  8. CaptainZoll
    Version: 1.1 fixed
    Overall a really nice map! one suggestion would be to add some of those staggered stone walls and armco barriers from Italy on the corners, so they're easier to judge the angle of
  9. Juan The Turtle
    Juan The Turtle
    Version: 1.1
    good map. didn't load in selection at first but after downloading some more maps it magically appeared.
    1. Insanegaz
      Author's Response
      Thanks, It's literally the only map I have installed except stock maps so downloading any other maps shouldn't have anything to do with it showing or not.
  10. Miguelantonio6
    Version: 1.1
    Amazing, coudl use it while im boring
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