Moytan Spirla M 1.3

good handling mid engine RWD sports car with some exchangeable parts.

  1. M0rralles
    Moytan Spirla M - 90's Japan inspired mid engine sports car.

    small, 1.3L, mid mounted, transverse i6 turbo producing under 267bhp.*

    good balance and great grip allowing it to keep high speeds in corners.

    good acceleration for its power to weight due to the mid engine placement.

    smooth looks and no over the top body kit.

    engine statistics - 251 bhp @ 8000 rpm / 177 lb-ft @ 7000 rpm.*

    car weight - 1307 kg / 2882 lb.

    acceleration from 0-100(62) 4.9s.*

    breaking 100(62)-0 in under 30m /100ft (2.2s).*

    *in standard configuration , car can be modified to change these values.

    screenshot_2022-03-20_16-25-19.png screenshot_2022-03-20_16-28-58.png screenshot_2022-03-20_16-33-52.png screenshot_2022-03-30_02-01-14.png screenshot_2022-03-30_02-14-10.png


    1. screenshot_2022-03-30_02-01-14.png
    2. screenshot_2022-03-30_02-32-19.png

Recent Updates

  1. More Parts & some Fixes
  2. New Parts Shipment
  3. Colouring Change.

Recent Reviews

  1. Renault Logan
    Renault Logan
    Version: 1.0
    Nice car to drive around, high RPMs make it easy to stall when trying to do a small drift or power slide, besides that its a car to drive in a track SERIUSLY, and the desing, is a well done one, but theres so many orange, that only matchs with orange or black, i would have preffered little touch of orange or red maybe blue but not so many, nice car and i hope you make more interesting things like this
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