Alpha Mugen High Speed Raceway (include 3 cars) 0.6

I'm moving up and down, left to right , like a roller coaster.

  1. redone the track layout

    1. reduce a lot elevation change to make it a bit easier
    2. redone the middle section. make it "real" high speed corner
    3. rebuild Zephyrus, the training car
    4. remove Merlin GT1
    5. add Zeta 326, 3.2 Liter V6 engine sport car
    6. add Irys V8S, 3.8 Liter V8 engine supercar
  2. distance/brake mark added and more

    1. added some distance mark, make it easier to guess braking zone. Each mark is 100m away.

    2. added a tunnel like thing. just for look.

    Test video:

    3. added another race car called Marlin GT1. It's faster than Zephyr but you need more skill to drive well.


    1. screenshot_2020-04-19_21-37-10.png
    2. screenshot_2020-04-19_21-37-32.png
    3. screenshot_2020-04-19_21-37-47.png
    4. screenshot_2020-04-19_21-37-55.png
    5. screenshot_2020-04-19_21-38-25.png
    6. screenshot_2020-04-19_21-38-39.png
    7. screenshot_2020-04-19_21-38-58.png
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