MV Design Synthwaver Twin Turbo 1.0

Outrun Vibes

  1. Marcus_gt500

    Have you ever seen a car entirely based on a musical style? The Synthwave is a electronic music style more focused on the melody, low tone beats and great highway tracks. It was heavly influenced by the game Outrun’s songs. This car reflects the neon heavy, purple abusing ode to the road that this songs are all about. It packs a Twin Turbo V12 engine on a custom tube frame chassis, the best that the 80’s and 90’s could offer.

    3mi6bqxhsl201.png wp2343898-synthwave-wallpapers.jpg wp2343983-synthwave-wallpapers.jpg tt.jpeg thumb-1920-754559.png

Recent Reviews

  1. BeamNg_Pro
    Version: 1.0
    Great mod, great pictures. Well Done! :)
    1. Marcus_gt500
      Author's Response
      Thanks. Enjoy the wallpapers.
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