Beta My first automation car 1.0

this is my very first car that i built with automation

  1. alexthecarguy1
    So this is my first car in automation and im not at all good with design. The car has been tested and works. Hope that everyone likes it!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Daaxoo
    Version: 1.0
    I figure you might appreciate an honest review, so here is one:

    For a first car, not too bad. It is drivable for what it is, no major handling issues, aside from quite pronounced oversteer at higher speed cornering. The gearbox needs a lot of work, the gear ratios are way too short, the top speed could be much higher. A bit sloppy bodywork, license plates aren't centered, it feels a bit barren, no windshield wipers, no mirrors, not many features on the body itself.

    Extend the gear ratios, I get the feeling it could easily go 200+ kph. Add more rear downforce, to control the oversteer. And fix the body elements to be more tidy and aligned, and you've got yourself a pretty good car.

    3/5 (realistically 2/5, but since it is your first car, I'll add a star).
    1. alexthecarguy1
      Author's Response
      ok. will try to make a new model based of that and make it better. Thanks for an honest review!
  2. MEM756
    Version: 1.0
    Pretty cool! I love it! Keep it up!
    You're so talented, you're gonna make cooler cars in the future, but this one is really great!
    1. alexthecarguy1
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and check out my other cars
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