Experimental NASCAR-Style Racetracks 0.5

A couple of speedways so you can open up the throttle on your stock car!

  1. rentacow
    This mod contains five intermediate length oval racetracks which I made using the track editor.

    1.3 mile quad-oval speedway
    1.5 mile quad-oval speedway (pictured)
    1.5 mile symmetrical-oval speedway w/ very low 6° banking
    1.7 mile symmetrical-oval speedway w/ high 28° banking
    2.0 mile D-shaped-oval speedway (video)

    Like with any trackEditor track, you can drive on these in time trial mode, or load one up in freeroam on small grid pure.

Recent Updates

  1. New track added!
  2. Improved D-shaped oval geometry!
  3. Added a 4th Track

Recent Reviews

  1. Ovahlls
    Version: 0.4
    Not pretty, but it works.
  2. User564878321654
    Version: 0.4
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