Experimental NASCAR-Style Racetracks 0.5

A couple of speedways so you can open up the throttle on your stock car!

  1. New track added!

    Added a very tricky, 1.5 mile symmetrical oval speedway, with very little banking. Only 6 degrees in the turns, and 3 deg. straightaways, like Homestead Miami speedway.
  2. Improved D-shaped oval geometry!

    For this update, I removed the very lumpy 2 mile D-shaped oval and replaced it with another design. The new oval has better geometry thanks to a work around I found for allowing curves with a bend radius of greater than 200 meters. Expect more unique track designs to come with updates to this mod!
  3. Added a 4th Track

    I added a 2.0 mile D-shaped oval to the pack. Four tracks are now included.
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