Beta NASCAR Style SAFER Barrier and Catchfence 1.22

Hard into the outside wall!

  1. Minor Update: SAFER Barrier Fix

    This time it absorbs the impact a lot better instead of just bouncing the car off.

  2. Fixes for Realism and Stability!

    Hello again! This is an update I've been wanting to do for a while, but I've been on vacation for a week so I wasn't able to do it. Until today.

    Changes in this update:
    Fixed getting stuck inside the SAFER barrier (hopefully)! It also now absorbs the impact in a very realistic way. I did this by completely redoing the way the barrier absorbs impacts, and now it actually does its job (lol)
    2. Changed up the proportions of the model to better reflect real walls (SAFER barrier...
  3. Cleaned up, Connectable, and Colorful!

    Hello there! This is the first update to this mod. In it, there are multiple tweaks and changes:

    - Catchfence should behave more realistically
    - It is now connectable (by pressing L, see this CrashHard Guardrail tutorial for detailed instructions)
    - You can now color the SAFER barrier portion.
    - The catchfence posts no longer streeeeeeetch when separated.
    - The catchfence is now extended to match the width of the whole thing.
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