NC Fully Open Dryvan Doors 1.0

Fully opens the dry van trailer's doors

    This mod makes the dryvan trailer doors fully openable so the dryvan trailer fits a loading dock. The doors have received additional coupling nodes to keep them locked. When uncoupled they can be fully opened now.

    How to use :

    Drop the zip file into your mods folder. To keep the doors open and tight to the trailer body, press 'o' and tiny thrusters will keep them in place. To close the doors press 'o' again to release the thrust and bring the doors within reach of coupler locking. Then go to the pie menu, select 'couplers' and click 'attach all', or just press 'L'. To open the doors press 'L' too.
    That's about it !


    1. NC_dryv_door_mod.png

Recent Reviews

  1. a plane guy
    a plane guy
    Version: 1.0
    All the space matters
    Anyways nice mod!
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