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Nero SF 1.0

Neros first compact hatchback - rebadged Vektor or great car?

  1. PlayKoyote24
    After Koyote bought Nero Cars AB last year, they were not only the maker of Neros Engines (altough Nero optimized and tuned them till they felt completely different) but in charge of the company. So of course, after announcing that Nero will stay independent in its decisions and wont sell rebadged Koyotes, they started the development of the Nero SF, a rebadged Koyote Vektor.

    The Nero SF10 has the 1.2l i3 engine straight from the new Vektor, aswell as the suspension setup and everything else, just the badges, grilles, lights and the interior are different. Also, the 8 speed advanced auto gearbox is standard in the Nero. The SF10 gets assembled at the Koyote Vektor factory.

    The SF20 has the 1.5l inline 3, but as it is assembled by Nero in Sweden, they were able to tune the engine a bit and have a better torque curve. The car has the Dualclutch transmission from Koyote, but changes to multiple body parts, which look the same, but allow for example for wider tires and stronger chassis. The SF20 has 150hp.

    The SF30 is more Nero than Koyote, as Koyote decided to let Nero t´do their thing for the two "premium" versions. So Nero swapped the 3 cylinder for a F22 based angine (the F22 family is found in the old Vektor, the Altair, the Nero 700 and so on). This F22 Variant is a 2l inline 4 with good torwue curve and a 170hp. The biggest benefit in comparison with the 3 cylinder is the higher amount of torque and way better throttle response, the car just feels snappier.

    The SF4R makes use of the fact, that the Koyote Vektor chassis allows for transverse AND longitudinal engine mounting.
    The F22 Variant has 252hp, 380NM torque and uses the suspension and AWD system of the old Vektor Apex (the 400hp V6T Version that got discontinued) with a 40/60 power split, wider tires and many optimisations. The car feels really snappy and fast, handles good and is fun to drive.
    But... wasn't really what Koyote had on their minds. As this version is quite expensive to make and Nero using the bigger and older engines is also sth they don't like. They wanted the other variants to be more like the SF10...

    screenshot_2020-05-19_12-20-19.png screenshot_2020-05-19_12-20-27.png screenshot_2020-05-19_12-21-00.png screenshot_2020-05-19_12-22-03.png screenshot_2020-05-19_12-22-11.png screenshot_2020-05-19_12-22-22.png screenshot_2020-05-19_12-24-27.png screenshot_2020-05-19_12-24-39.png screenshot_2020-05-19_12-24-56.png
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