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Beta Nevada Interstate (prequel to So-Cal Interstate) 9.0 c

The loop of highway in the desert that doesn't know 'it's not a race track'.

  1. Nevada Interstate fixes for 0.18 update and some traffic bugs

    No visible changes; all behind the scenes stuff, fixes the stutter when you rotate the camera, specifically on NVidia cards.
    New title graphic.
  2. Update Title

    Update Description
  3. Version 7.0

    Completely rebuilt the WHOLE highway, now banked, now great for fast times with a fast car!
    Or you can just get a pensioner's car like the Bruckel Legran and drive slow like a pensioner usually does drive :)
    Includes a paved airport, and lots of fixes to things like bushes in the road! Intersections are now tapered, too.

    Works with the AI fully, is tested, only bug is that you may spawn a few centimeters in the ground when you start (it only matters for about 3 seconds).
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