Beta [New 2.0 Version] Vector Lightbar for the Gavril Grand Marshal (+ suspect cage/radio/control panel)! 2.0

This mod add seven different versions of the Vector Lightbar for the Marshal !

  1. 2.0 Vector Lightbar for the Grand Marshal !!

    Hi !

    This huge update puts the vector lightbar at the level of my new mods!

    This update add :

    -A fully working traffic advisor !
    Use the pattern key to activate it !

    -New rotators (more lights).
    -Far more realistic colors for the covers !
    -Wig Wag
    -You can now add or remove the different parts of the mod (rear cage/radio/wig wag/...)

    screenshot_2021-03-14_23-55-20.png screenshot_2021-03-17_10-01-53.png screenshot_2021-03-17_10-01-26.png screenshot_2021-03-17_10-00-58.png

    Have fun !
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