Unsupported New BOV Sound (Drag Version) (4) 1.0

Special 100PSI Drag Version!! (For every car with a Turbocharged engine)

  1. RustyRenesis
    Another BOV sound replacement, this time by a Drag BOV sound!!
    I just love these "heavy duty" flutter sounds, specially this one, that came from a Drag Truck running 100PSI. :D

    Sounds (ALWAYS) better with:
    -Manual Shifting (Clutch Assist)
    (Seriously, why do you even use automatic??)
    -Drag Cars/ Drift/Gymkhana Tuned Cars

    The sound itself, is of my own authorship.
    (Conversion and recording)

    BEWARE: The sound doesn't naturally work with engine sound packs.
    (TO FIX THIS: Delete/Backup the common folder inside the engine sound pack´s zip, not the BOV Sound zip)


    Sorry for the stuttery video!! (Rendering Errors)

    Any suggestions? Comment Bellow!! :D

    (This mod replaces the original sound , removing the zip (mod) makes the original sound back)

Recent Reviews

  1. Mehmet Tuğrul Bakkal
    Mehmet Tuğrul Bakkal
    Version: 1.0
    The best BOV!!!! But I think that you forgot to put ''sound'' folder lol : )
  2. Diggsee
    Version: 1.0
    This is an amazing mod could you please also tell me what sound mod your using in the video for the etk? Thanks!
    1. RustyRenesis
      Author's Response
      Thank you sir!
      If you like this sound mod, please check out my others!!
      And the ETK I sound is a personal mod, that was almost complete, but i'm making it all over again, because i didn't think it matched the car very well.
  3. Sockmaster
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing sound! Could you please link the over mods your using that would be great :D
    1. RustyRenesis
      Author's Response
      What other mods??
      PM me for further info.
      Thanks, and enjoy!!
  4. TheLuckyDawg24
    Version: 1.0
    Works fine, but very tricky to install, because you made a little mistake. You forgot the 'sounds' folder. It needs to be in vehicle - common - sounds. That's why people always see something wrong with it. But other than that minor issue it is a great mod!
  5. Felix_1279
    Version: 1.0
    Well, what you modded isn't a BOV sound rather a flutter caused by backpressure
    1. RustyRenesis
      Author's Response
      It is a turbo flutter sound, im aware of that, but people understand more easily what this mod does when i write BOV. ;)
  6. the fail man
    the fail man
    Version: 1.0
    dont understand how to make it work. video or something will help
    1. RustyRenesis
      Author's Response
      Once you click install it should work, you have for certain a mod conflicting with it.
      And try not to rate a mod badly just because it doesn't work for you, you should´ve PM´d me
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