Beta NightHawkGT (Automation) 1.0

2012 NightHawkGT V12 TT 1000+HP

  1. thedrifters831
    The Very Rare NightHawkGT was Made in 2012. Only 20 Cars were produced for very special clients. This vehicle was built to look like 90s sports car But has a modern Supercar V12 TT Engine. the car couldn't feel any faster its a rocket ship! Hope u enjoy this Historic Vehicle. Made in Automation

    Vehicle Specs
    HP 1050
    6.5L V12 Twin Turbo Engine
    AWD Drivetrain 60R-40F
    Max RPM 7500
    Max MPH 245
    3400 Lbs
    0-60 2sec
    0-100 3.5sec
    0-200 12sec

    20210120083309_1.jpg 20210120083345_1.jpg 20210120083405_1.jpg 20210120083429_1.jpg 20210120083454_1.jpg 20210120083517_1.jpg 4miletime.png
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