Nissan Gripz Concept MY2020 V2

What if the Nissan Gripz made it into prouduction as a Sports SUV?

  1. Angry_Bird
    Nissan Gripz NISMO



    What if the Nissan Gripz Concept had survived into production as a BMW X6-esque Sports SUV? Well there you have it, I had designed the Gripz's production mode in my own interpretation. This car uses the VR30DDTT 3.0 V6 Twin Turbo Engine, LED headlights, extra rear infotainment, 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and five seats as well.

    Front1.jpg Rear1.jpg

    The Gripz would have a 550 HP tune, enabling it to reach 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds and a top speed of 325 km/h (202 MPH). It has a fuel economy of 11.9 L/100 KM, a weight of 1620 KG and a price tag of less than $90000 USD, making it a fast, versatile sports activity coupe that can outpace many SUVs, ranging from the BMW X6M, to the Lamborghini Urus!

    FrontV1.jpg RearV1.jpg

    Enjoy the drive!


    1. Front.jpg
    2. Rear.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    Wow! Looks very realistic!
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      Thanks m8, my next resource will be a 2-car pack which includes an Audi having a top speed of exceeding 330 km/h! Check out for more future content!
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