Alpha Nix Crawler Tires 17x9 V4.0

Crawler tires for 17x9 wheels

  1. Nix Crawler Tires V3.0

    Nix Crawler Tires Version 3.0, now with 12 tires and 15 sizes.
    Version 3.0 pack includes:
    33x12.5/17 KM
    35x12.5/17 KM3
    35x12.5/17 Bogger
    35x12.5/17 Trail Grappler
    36x12.5/17 TSL
    36x13.5/17 Irok
    37x12.5/17 MTZ
    37x12.5/17 Trepador
    37x13.5/17 Rocker
    38x15.5/17 Baja Claw
    39x13.3/17 Krawler
    40x13.5/17 Trepador
    42x14.5/17 Irok
    43x14.5/17 SX
    44x19.5/17 Bogger
    v3-1.jpg v3-2.jpg v3-3.jpg v3-4.jpg v3-5.jpg v3-6.jpg v3-7.jpg
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