Beta Nix D-Series Parts V1.5

Parts for D-Series pickup.

  1. Nix D-Series Parts

    I've been working on some new parts for the D-Series Pickup, this is beta version so more updates will probably happen as I learn more about modding this game. Enjoy!
    Nix D-Series Parts thread:

    D-Series Parts Pack V1.5:
    Gasoline fuel cell (red)
    Diesel fuel cell (yellow)
    Propane dual tanks
    Bobbed frame (for reg. cab body)
    Bobbed ext. frame (for ext. cab body)
    Crawler roll cage (for short, standard and bobbed frame)
    Crawler ext. roll cage (for ext. frame and ext. bobbed frame)
    Rocksliders for short frame
    Bed mount spare tire (33, 35 and 37 inch tire)
    Roof rack (for off road lights)
    Front Zeta bumper
    Rear Zeta bumper (fleet and stepside beds)

    dsp1.jpg dsp2.jpg dsp3.jpg dsp5.jpg dsp4.jpg
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