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Outdated Nomi Widebody Sbr4 By daniel398767&Sh3lbYe(Original Widebody Sbr4) 1.9

The Original Widebody Sbr4

  1. Mothra

    updated brakes
    improved engine by adding more weight
    added The Mothra configuration
    some engine tweaks here and there for the flat eight
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  2. Flat Eight Engine

    adds the flat eight engine
    and tweaked the widebody config file
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  3. fixed to latest version

    updated to the latest version
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  4. added fender jbeams, and a new varient

    thanks to @Bernd for jbeaming the front fenders, a new varient has been added
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  5. Tweaks

    tried to stop the front wheels clipping the fenders

    tweaked the turbo, tweaked the engine by tuning it down a small bit
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  6. Nomi's Widebody Sbr4 By danielon398767&Sh3lbYe

  7. More Parts

    i have removed unibody with addons(not much point having it in as it only added 2 parts), headlight lip is now in headlight slot, added 2 new turbos, tuned the new race engine, added a radiator, fixed a bug with the aero bumpers and other stuff i may have forgotten about.
  8. added more parts

    added more parts, and tried to fix the filenames
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