Unsupported Off Road Parts For Trailers, Roamer, D and T series 1.6

Still works but I replaced it with my IYB series of mods

  1. They might still have some bugs in this release

    This is not my "main release", cause I know you guys waited a long time for this so I just rushed the upload and while you guys are having fun with the stuff I've uploaded, I will finish it and polish it.

    New Stuff:

    -new rollcages for the roamer (You gotta select the alternative frame)
    -5 new body for the roamer
    -new bumper for the roamer
    -new spare wheel for the roamer
    -new mirror for all off road vehicles
    -new engine for the hatch
  2. New Configs!!

  3. Repaired the truck bed and the trailers are now working

    Fixed the short bed being replaced by an extended bed and also forgot about the off road trailers files so now they are in.
  4. didn't upload the good file

    didn't upload the good file
  5. now its fixed

    I missed something
  6. fixed bed and stack not working

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