Off-Road Trials by Hendrixx 1.0

A large level with one long route for offroad truck trials. A challenge indeed.

  1. 'Finished' version update

    Added extended routes with new obstacles
    Reworked fire effects
    Reworked waterfall effects
    Reworked whole lap scenario
    Removed section scenarios (for now)
    Improved environmental setup
    Reworked many existing areas
    Fixed waterplane and river intersection
    Added optional routes for lower spec vehicles
    Added a fuel station
  2. More fixes

    Fixed the lack of Time of Day setting
    Removed fog
  3. Ground cover fix

    A quick fix to update things, delete redundant files and fix the groundcover folder.
  4. Terrain adjustments

    Some adjustments to some terrain
  5. Campaign working and thicker mud

    Fixed campaign code (thanks Ryvylo!)
    Decreased the depth of mud by about 60%

    Let me know if the mud seems better or not. I think it's more realistic now.
  6. Split Scenarios

  7. Timed run

    Added a timed scenario run of the full course
    Added some rocks to highlight a couple of turns
    Removed treewall piece right near the start as it was blocking the way

    Post your best times in the discussions tab :)
  8. Changes and improvements.

    Changed the water made it a bit deeper as it has just rained hard
    Made the depth map from scratch added a block under the roofs that are undriveable
    Changed the light settings
    Added a start gate and lights sorted out some particles put some blocks around the pipe so that it is now passable
    Added fog
    Fixed a few bugs.
    Let me know if you guys prefer the map this way or would you like it bright sunshine and less deep mud and less of it. Any suggestions are welcome

    This version is much harder.
  9. Industrial zone finished.

    Fixed some bugs
    Finished the industrial route
    Fixed fire (finally)
    Added trees here and there
    Moved spawn point
  10. Performance fix.

    Performance fix. Water detail was too high, but dam it looked nice.
    Removed ramps from underground. Thanks Pinki.
    Added waypoints ready for scenarios (next update)
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