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Unsupported Offroad Parts 1.2

Just some simple parts for off road cars

  1. Exhaust stacks for all!

    Added some new wheels, hood scoop for pickup (supports skins) and mudflaps for van. The exhaust stacks are now available for all body styles, select the right y-pipe for your build.
  2. Updated to support

    This update fixes the Darren Offroad tires and adds Darren 2 wheels and Trial 2000 Offroad duallies.
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  3. More parts

    • 6-lug Pigeon wheels
    • Nubble tires for 17x9 and 15x9 rims
    • New engine for D15 with exhaust stacks (only use with normal body)
    • Pigeon bed and rear bumper for D15
    screenshot_00354.png screenshot_00670.png
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  4. Naming fix

    Renamed fascia and removed unnecessary files
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