(Offroad) Pigeon Pack 2.05

MfD amhpibic challenge

  1. Blijo
    (Read info at the bottom after downloading)

    Hello everybody, here is my entry for the amphibic Modding for Dummies challenge. It seems like I'm a bit early so let me explain the challenge:
    The goal:
    Create an amphibic vehicle that can run on roads, do some rally and sail the seven seas! It does not have to be fast, it has to work. That's all. The coolest/funniest/quickest vehicle will win.
    • Don't use stuff made by other modders without permission
    • Don't use thrusters or JATO
    • Be original
    What is the entry?

    How to drive the entry:
    On the road: Make sure it's in drive or reverse (D or R) with the propeller folded upwards. Then just drive.
    In water: Make sure the propeller is folded out. Then use N for reverse/braking and S for forward control. It steers by controlling the throttle and direction of the motors. USE REALISTIC MODE FOR THE GEARBOX
    ALT+N to spread the religion. (only for decent PC's)

    The rest of the mod

    This mod adds more than my entry, it adds:
    1. My entry
    2. A gun for on the pigeon, very experimental but a lot of fun to shoot caravans with.
    3. Offroad variants: 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 with swing axles. Military versions have portal axles and a turbo.
    4. Trailers, one made by @Bernd, 2 others made by me.
    5. An experimental towing rope. See the bottom of the vehicle selector.
    6. A race variant powered by a small V6 with custom suspension
    for you, @bob.blunderton
    screenshot_2020-02-28_20-29-20.png screenshot_2020-02-28_20-34-34.png

    screenshot_2020-02-28_16-26-34.png screenshot_2020-02-28_17-17-42.png screenshot_2020-02-28_20-29-20.png screenshot_2020-02-28_20-34-34.png

    Update 2:
    screenshot_2020-04-03_14-25-14.png screenshot_2020-04-14_10-26-55.png screenshot_2020-04-17_10-31-41.png screenshot_2020-04-17_10-35-28.png screenshot_2020-03-19_17-38-19.png
    • The gun is very experimental. Reset the vehicle after the shell hit the target, it doesn't stop spinning :D.
    • Hold the = key to shoot it. Or map it to your own bindings of course
    • The entry doesn't look great, I don't have much time lately. That's why I release this already.
    • On my end, the military config are shown twice on the selector, IDK why.
    @Bernd for his pigtrailer mod
    @waboll for the 8x8 update

    Server link for people who are interested in modding:

    If you like it, please consider to donate:
    https://www.paypal.me/blijo :)

Recent Updates

  1. Hotfix
  2. Race and 0.19 update

Recent Reviews

  1. Dawombat
    Version: 2.05
    Any chance you could bring this up to date with the new pigeon?
  2. Smonagl
    Version: 2.05
    Good mod but it the textures and other stuff is broken.
    I love this mod, but i hate 0.23
  3. RogueTheFoxx
    Version: 2.05
    my favorite mod sad its currently broken
  4. Gracey
    Version: 2.05
    One of my favourite mods, but the latest 0.23 update seems to have broken it. Tailgate and tow hitch fall off and engine missing, as well as fuel tank deformed. Can get around it by adding engine back in but cant fix the broken parts :(
  5. tnt22331144
    Version: 2.05
    Only if we could change the suspension settings...
    then it would be a 5/5
    until then 4/5
    (I legit use a modified 4x4 pigeon as my default)
  6. dancio751
    Version: 2.05
    A very nice mod. However, the lamp on the amphibious vehicle does not light.
  7. dart
    Version: 2.05
    what is the "Truck Body" on the pigeon 4x4?
  8. Densplash
    Version: 2.05
    Offroad pigeon + snorkel = offroad powerful machine
  9. LoveMeLikeSehun
    Version: 2.05
    This mod is by far the one I have the most fun messing around with, and just driving. Plenty of mods to add crazy power to diesel and gas engines. Like 240 lbs ft of torque with diesel, crazy power. With enough power infinite doughnuts are easily achievable.

    A couple things I do have critiques on though.
    - Suspension is extremely offroad oriented, which I love for going literally anywhere. I'd love to use the tank upfit mod for the pigeon, but the rear suspension in particular cannot cope with the weight of this add on. I don't know if you could make an extra heavy duty set of rear suspension components, to cope with heavier attachments over the rear axle.
    - I also wish so bad that there was a snorkel with this mod. Then by far this would be the best mod I have ever come across. All offroad variants are so capable, but are let down when you come across slightly deep water.

    Don't get me wrong I love this mod to death, and there is so much you can do with the offroad variants I haven't even touched the amphibious one haha. Keep up the amazing work.
  10. ok then
    ok then
    Version: 2.05
    its a fun mod, but the projector just projects a no texture thing
    1. Blijo
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