(on hold) GrandMarshal-TDV8+3.3/3.8V6+6.2V8 0.9

The GrandMarshal with the 3.8TDV8, and the bruckell V6s+6.2V8

  1. Michaelflat
    Adds the following engines:
    3.3 V6 (Bruckell)
    3.8 V6 (Bruckell)
    3.8 TDV8 (in 210hp and 270hp guises)
    6.2 V8 (the old favourite, with 360hp)

    Adds these transmissions:
    CVT (WIP - plans to use on luxury model)
    6-Speed ZF transmission (for diesels)
    6-Speed Fluid-O-Matic (for the 6.2V8)

    Adds these configs:
    3.3 SC V6 (A/M) (4spd auto/5spd manual) (176hp)
    3.8 V6 (A/M) (4spd auto/5spd manual) (150hp)
    TDV8 (A) (6spd auto) (217hp)
    TDV8 Luxe (A) (6spd auto) (270hp)
    TDV8 Taxi (A) (6spd auto) (217hp)
    Pursuit Package (A) (6spd auto) (360hp)

    Torque Curves:
    3.3 SC V6:
    210HP TDV8:
    270HP TDV8:
    6.2 V8:


    1. upload_2017-9-10_20-36-50.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Mark Carleton
    Mark Carleton
    Version: 0.9
    Cool mod, would be nice to have the 6.2 V8 in the D series
    1. Michaelflat
      Author's Response
      Yeah I'll do that soon, mods are on hold for a while tho...
  2. Matt V
    Matt V
    Version: 0.9
    I like it. They sound good an run good, only issue I have is that there is no engine showing up in the engine bay when I use any of these. Is that right, or is it just a glitch?
    1. Michaelflat
      Author's Response
      No engine? I'll have a look tomorrow, for now just keep the hood on :P but the bug fixes will come with the feature update, that will release this week.
  3. Dean Wang
    Dean Wang
    Version: 0.9
    can you make a 6.2L v8 with a big supercharger and 8 speed automatic :)
    1. Michaelflat
      Author's Response
      8 speed automatic is already under production, you can use the stock superchargers with the 6.2 I think. With stage 3 you can get around 700hp!
  4. netK
    Version: 0.9
    You forgot to add Deasel fuel tank :)
    1. Michaelflat
      Author's Response
      Oh yeah, the diesels were slapped in quickly without much care, forgot about that, in the next update it will be fixed :)
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