Unsupported Operation 235: A BeamNG Story V1.2.3

A small, red 200BX has a "decaying" journey

  1. More fixes!

    • Fixed covet being on fire
    • Fixed turbines not spinning
    • Decreased the alpha on some parked cars
    • Made the turbines on chapter 8 only start spinning once they have received coal.
  2. Chapter 9 fix

    • Reset the reactor properly so it should now not block on startup
    • Some text fixes
  3. More fixes and turbine rotations!

    • Turbines rotate now!
    • More fixes for text
    • Chapter 9 now resets correctly
    • No invisible mesh anymore for chapter 9
  4. Chapter 3 fix

    • Corrected the waypoint path.
  5. Derps and story fixes

    • Fixed chapter 2 making no sense whatsoever
    • Made the display for chapter 7 longer and more clear
    • Increased the AI ability for chapter 4
    • Fixed chapter 8 not being completable
    • Revised the power station look with an office building
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