Beta Over 960 HP, Over 900 Ft. Lbs Of Tourqe, All Stuffed In A Purple Pickup, What Could Go Wrong? 1.0

It's fast. It's Purple. And It is overpriced.

  1. jaagger
    This massively overpowered monster that is based on a Dodge Ram Viper Truck. It's stuffed with over 900 horsepower, over 900 foot lbs of torque, and 365 slicks in the back. This thing will bring joy to your world. Just a brief warning --do not trust this vehicle with your life, safety was not the priority in the making of this vehicle--. enjoy :)
    HighresScreenshot00001.png HighresScreenshot00002.png HighresScreenshot00004.png HighresScreenshot00009.png
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