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Outdated Partrasia Raceway 2.0

A new map for hot lapping

  1. JonnyTaunton
    You have been gone even longer than last time, what's the deal this time?

    School still happened and is happening but I also lost my progress on this update after my hard drive imploded losing all my data
    So what is new in this update?
    Nothing really apart from some fetching decals on the roads and smoothing the roads to the best of my ability
    Are their any problems?
    • Some floating trees from terrain changes
    So is this it now?
    Without a doubt
    Is there anything else you want to say?
    As a matter of fact there is. I want to thank BowlerHatJack for all the support he gave in the making of the mod and I would like to openly dedicate this update to the help behind the scenes you gave

    You have been gone a while, what happened?

    School happened. That's what
    So what is new in this update?
    Well there is a few things:
    • New village
    • New hillclimb road
    • Fixed some corners
    Are their any problems?
    • Still some clingy corners
    So is this it now?
    Probably so, unless I have some mega ideas then this is it for now.
    So are you really sure?
    No I'm not. I may work on it but that's a discussion for another day. In the mean time look at these delightful video reviews!

    What is new on this update?

    Well you see, this is an update with quite a delightful amount of set dressing to make the whole appearance of the map just that little bit nicer
    Anything else?
    Well there is now an pit exit that leads to the track instead of one that lead to a village which was quite confusing in retrospect.
    Any pictures?
    Of course you person...

    Partrasia Raceway 1.png
    Also are there useful videos of this map?
    Funny you should ask, because there are some brilliant videos that have been made by some delightful people in the community

    Wow, an new update to another of your maps, what's new in this one?

    You see in this update I listened to what the people were saying about the map and I went and added them.
    What were some of the things that were added?
    One of the major things that people wanted to be added was just more props and things in the game!, So I listened and now the map is a whole lot more vibrant and enjoyable.
    Any bugs?
    Nope, still somethings to be added in the future but no bugs to ruin the fun
    Any pictures?
    Partrasia Raceway 2.png Partrasia Raceway 3.png

    A new map then, what's so good about it?

    Well personally I feel that this is a good map for many things but the main thing it is good for is things like hot-lapping and other such events that really require speed.
    Sounds fun, I see that it is in beta, are there any problems?
    Not as such, there are a few things that I would like to change but nothing wrong with it per say
    Are there any images with it?
    Are you an annoying narrator?

    Did you finally have any help with this mod this time around?
    I did, this mod had a few bumps along the way out of my power and thanks to these lovely people they helped me to get this mod finished:
    • synsol
    • iheartmods
    • torsion
    • justlooking
    Say I couldn't have done it without them!

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  1. The BowlerHatJack update
  2. MODERATION : Folders
  3. New features

Recent Reviews

  1. It's No Use
    It's No Use
    Version: 2.0
    The map is extremely broken. It's just Hirochi Raceway with a bunch of trees floating above it.
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      Sorry about that, the map hasn't been updated since early last year and one update must have broken it. I will change this to outdated
  2. Clorox BIeach
    Clorox BIeach
    Version: 2.0
    lmao poor hard drive :( btw a hole for my "man" life would be good xD
  3. VocalCloth
    Version: 1.0
    Excellent map considering it brand new, only had one problem with a curb but the map over all is amazing!!!

    Video Review: https://youtu.be/wOExJTIiQjU
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      An excellent review my good sir
  4. cuytastic101
    Version: 0.2
    What a great track. Both realistic and challenging! For future updates, may I suggest additional trackside details such as barriers, rumble strips and curbs? The only issue I have noticed with this map is that if you cut a corner or allow a tire to pass over the edge of the road surface at high speed, the tire will blow out a majority of the time. I do like this "glitch/feature" as it makes it harder to cheat and adds a good deal of realism, but figured I'd point it out as it may not have been your intent.
    Version: 0.1
    when you park a load of racecars in the building and pretend your in a racecar museum... no? just me? ok ill go...
  6. shiron2015
    Version: 0.1
    Good start. Just a couple critiques.

    1. There are no curbs (the stripped bits on the apexes of corners on most tracks). If you want this to be a racetrack for hot lapping, I think this would help with that.

    2. I've seen this quite a bit, but the corners just happen. On most tracks, there are meter markers which help with breaking zones.

    3. I would suggest making the roads more visible on the mini map.
  7. MaxisFabulous
    Version: 0.1
    awesome map love it, works well with the fr16 mod, but needs more stuff. the track is kind of bare, i really think you should rework the pit road exit/entrance roads, maybe add some barriers, more decorations, a victory lane would be SUPER DUPER awesome. just suggestions and ideas ;). cant wait to see the map in the following updates. keep up the good work!!!
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the really nice feedback :) Luckily for you over half of the things that you have said are actually planned for an update coming out hopefully next weekend so stay tuned for that!
  8. KennyWah
    Version: 0.1
    If there was a 0-10 scoring system, This map would be a 6/10 for it's above average presentation.


    -The sparse elevation changes are really smooth for mod made decal roads.

    -Another racetrack for BeamNG Drivers to rev their engines on.

    -Textures and vegetation placement is mostly believable in presentation. the overpass at the start works well and blends in.


    -Not enough race track related objects, such as fences, proper sand pits with good placement, and racing curbs. although curbs and fake crowds aren't necessary to me.

    -Corners aren't the smoothest in presentation and corner structure, this is beta and they aren't awful, just a thing I noticed someone pointed out before and I agree. However this isn't a huge issue to me.

    -Not enough hills in the background for the trees to go on and give a variation to the scenery.

    -Short, under-characterized racetrack, with a decent amount of effort put it. The layout just isn't that exciting.

    -Not a lot of elevation changes.

    -Pit lane is weird, borderline unpleasant to look at.

    -Too short, too simple. Lacks complexity.

    -Not enough things to actually hit, or ways to accidentally crash due to lack of objects and aforementioned simplistic design.

    Overall: I'd recommend it, but for a beta it has a long way to go, Decent fun can be had, needs polish and moderate adjustments.

    Note: Sorry I had trouble coming up with pros that didn't repeat an idea.
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      Sincerely many thanking for the detailed review :)

      I enjoy hearing that you have enjoyed yourself with this map and all of your for mentioned cons are things that are being sincerely looking looked at!

      If you would be so kind to look out for the future updates and give this map another chance!
  9. kona309
    Version: 0.1
    Not bad at all, but i think the layout could use a bit of fine tuning. There are several spots where corners just kinda happen, and others that are quite good. For example, the Hairpin is pretty good ( Could use a bit of tidying) and the following corner is good, but then the next corner changes radius 3 or 4 times making it tough to build any flow. With the exception of the final corner, the entire last section is like this. Otherwise, Good for an early beta.

    "Hot lapping and such..."
    The meme is real. https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/4wpn74/how_does_roca_practice/?st=iuyuqxh3&sh=d112770b
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback, say I will be doing that most definitely for the next version. The first version, pre alpha, had a lot of camber to help define the corners however when I removed that the definition was lost along with some of the flow. Look for the improvements in the next version !
  10. 14ramosr
    Version: 0.1
    An excellent map!
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      "An excellent review" ~ Chef Excellence
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