Outdated Partrasia Raceway 2.0

A new map for hot lapping

  1. The BowlerHatJack update

    You have been gone even longer than last time, what's the deal this time?

    School still happened and is happening but I also lost my progress on this update after my hard drive imploded losing all my data
    So what is new in this update?
    Nothing really rather than some fetching decals on the roads and smoothing the roads to the best of my ability
    Are their any problems?
    • Some floating trees from terrain changes
    So is this it...
  2. MODERATION : Folders

    MODERATION : Folders
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  3. New features

    You have been gone a while, what happened?

    School happened. That's what
    So what is new in this update?
    Well there is a few things:
    • New quickrace option
    • New village
    • New hillclimb road
    • Fixed some corners
    Are their any problems?
    • Still some clingy corners
    So is this it now?
    Probably so, unless I have some mega ideas then this is it for now.
  4. v0.3 - More set dressing

    What is new on this update?

    Well you see, this is an update with quite a delightful amount of set dressing to make the whole appearance of the map just that little bit nicer
    Anything else?
    Well there is now an pit exit that leads to the track instead of one that lead to a village which was quite confusing in retrospect.
    Any pictures?
    Of course you person...
    Partrasia Raceway 1.png
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  5. Partrasia Raceway v0.2

    Wow, an new update to another of your maps, what's new in this one?
    You see in this update I listened to what the people were saying about the map and I went and added them.
    What were some of the things that were added?
    One of the major things that people wanted to be added was just more props and things in the game!, So I listened and now the map is a whole...
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