Alpha Peel P50 1.0

it was only a matter of time.

  1. Gradarobett
    We got a Peel P50!
    I love these little cars. They're so full of character.

    It's not perfect, but it's as close as I could get it to the real thing.




    7.3 hp @ 3000 rpm
    21 cu. in. I3
    565 lbs
    Top speed: 37.3 mph


    Body: Classic_Steel_V8 (can be found here:
    Everything else: Me (via Automation)

    Like I said, it's not perfect, but it's something. I will likely update it soon to further correct any errors I detect.


    1. upload_2019-1-9_21-35-48.png
    2. upload_2019-1-9_21-36-21.png

Recent Reviews

  1. HotWheelsCollector24™
    1. Gradarobett
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I put the mod author's name in the desc under "credits." I'll add the link to the desc.
  2. Inn0centJok3r
    Version: 1.0
    Where the hell did you download the body? Or did you make it yourself?
    If so, please Upload it to the Steam workshop
    This is a great contribution to any repository xD
    1. Gradarobett
      Author's Response
      The body is a mod (link in description). Also, thanks for the positive feedback. :)
  3. Damiean Ron Lyons
    Damiean Ron Lyons
    Version: 1.0
    this is awesome! now I know what a peel looks like when it has 4 wheels!
    maybe a 3 wheeled version in the future if possible?
    1. Gradarobett
      Author's Response
      idk if it's possible to do so in automation (which is how I make my mods), but i'll see if I can. thx for the review! :)
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