Experimental Pessima V6 1.0

Have you ever wanted a V6 from the MK2 Pessima into the MK1? Me neither.

  1. raiiiu
    Hey, my name is raiiiu, and I introduce the laziest repository mod ever; a V6 for the MK1 Pessima. There isn't much to this, except for the fact that its very possible for it to just break, if I assume. Anyways, enjoy, or don't.

    The mod comes with one config based off of the base model Pessima, and includes all performance modifications for the V6 from the MK2 Pessima.

    Okay, fine, I made the mod because I was bored and did a lazy slap.

Recent Reviews

  1. GlassCastle
    Version: 1.0
    Raiu mdos :flus:
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