Phompsonby Rocket 1.0

Bringing the '60s into the 2020s!

  1. legodude494
    During early part of the 21st Century, Phompsonby was beginning to celebrate their 100th anniversary of building cars. As a part of their 'retro' line of cars, they produced the high powered Rocket! Designed for rapid acceleration and steamlined airflow over the body, the 1960s design and whitewall tyres hide the high performance of the vehicle.

    Some tech specs:
    • A 9.8 litre turbocharged V12 engine producing just under 1,700 horse power. 1,693.56 to be exact!
    • A maximum of 1,880 Nm of torque.
    • 310 MPH top speed.
    • 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. Blistering off the line!
    • Longitudinal AWD 9 speed advanced automatic gearbox.
    • Pushrod front and rear suspension.
    • 2 seater.
    • 18.9 miles to the gallon somehow!
    No problems as far as I'm aware, so please let me know if you find something!


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