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Outdated Pigeon Add-ons 3.0

a mod pack that adds more configurations, parts, and engines for the Ibishu Pigeon

  1. convertible

    Version 2.5 :) (finally)

    Added new option for a convertible body, cut doors, and lowered suspension.

    Added 4 new configs; Basic convertible, Basic slammed convertible, 600 convertible, and sleek convertible.

    removed unnecessary files from mod.

    beefed up "Tuned 658cc I3 Diesel Engine"
  2. Pigeon Add-ons

    - added offroad pigeon and worn-out pigeon
    -added blown engine variant
    - major fixes to the "tuned" engines and transmissions (so they are actually better, not worse than stock!)
    -cleaned up the code
    -updated tuned 600cc engine so that thermal simulation works
    -also added the 5 speed transmission from the 600cc engine to the Diesel engine. :)
  3. Pigeon Add-ons for 0.5.4

    Ok, so i figured out the 0.5.4 update broke this mod. this is due to the names of parts being changed, and my mod cannot find them. Today, i have fixed the mod to use the new parts. hopefully it will be working again :)
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  4. Pigeon Add-ons update

    minor bugs have been fixed. hopefully there are not anymore :)
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