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Beta Pigeon Mod Pack 6.01

Pigeon = multitool

  1. Taza
    15k downloads! Thank you everyone! :)

    This is a (hopefully) never-ending Pigeon addon mod, which aims to add all kinds of parts and skins to the Pigeon. Most of these parts work with @mike94 's Four-Wheeled Pigeon.
    ATTENTION! If you have installed that mod and my mod, you need to go to Controls>Vehicle Specific and bind the missing keys there. Turbines=E, Pitch Down=T, Pitch Up=G, Roll Right=H, Roll Left=F and everything else O. This will most likely be fixed after some BeamNG updates, please be patient :)

    This little mod adds:
    • Police skin
    • 4 racing skins, Okudai, Selecta, BlastR and Rally Safari
    • Taxi skin
    • Camo skin
    • Delivery Livery
    • Dirty skin
    • Glow in the dark skin
    • Ibishu Airlines skin
    • Red beacon light (press M)
    • Nomi GTRX wing
    • Nomi GTC wing
    • Nomi GTRX front splitter
    • Custom Roof Rack
    • Roof Rack with pipes
    • Open-able tailgate and box door
    • Box antenna
    • Abs brakes
    • Amber light bar
    • Police light bar
    • Sport suspension parts (could be improved a lot)
    • Offroad suspension parts
    • Side lips
    • Rally lights
    • unbranded tailgate
    • Taxi Ad Carrier
    • Bed with attachments
    • Roll bar
    • Bed Cover with lots of spoilers
    • Bed Rack
    • D15 bed with Roll Bar, Bed Rack and dually flares
    • D15 Rear Bumpers
    • Stripped Body
    • doors with no windows
    • Body with Rollcage
    • Alternate gasoline and diesel fuel tanks
    • Extended frame
    • Extended Four-Wheeler frame (for this one, you also need the Four-Wheeler Pigeon mod!!)
    • flatbed for extended frame(s)
    • Dump body
    • Long Bed with loads
    • 0.6L I4 Engine
    • Race 6-Speed Manual transmission for 600cc and 0.6L engines
    • 4-speed race transmission
    • 2-speed manual transmission with no reverse
    • Lockable 4.10 Rear Differential (press Alt+D)
    • Welded 4.10 Rear differential
    • Open 4.10 rear diff for the extended frame
    • Dually rear wheels
    • STX rear and front wheels (black and white)
    • Folk rear and front wheels
    • Darren offroad wheels
    • Wing with turbines
    And more to come!
    Have fun!;)
    Video by @gigawert :

    screenshot_00119.png screenshot_00146.png screenshot_00207.png screenshot_00231.png screenshot_00230.jpg screenshot_00238.png screenshot_00241.png screenshot_00228.png screenshot_00254.png screenshot_00312.png screenshot_00381.png screenshot_00705.png screenshot_00216.png

    A word about the Airlines Pigeon
    To fly it, follow the controls listed on your screen top right corner. I recommend using your left hand for E and your right hand for T, F, G and H. Airspeeds of over 180km/h (or 110mph) can be dangerous, but I know that's not stopping you from trying. If you want to change the wing color use the third color palette.

    Credits/thanks to:
    - @D-Troxx for his help with the D15 bed taillights
    - @Darren9 for offroad wheel mesh and textures
    -Mikko Piitulainen for his wing 3d model
    -BeamNG dev team for official skins and models
    -BeamNG mod support team for awesome help
    -CyanogenMod for a working calculator
    -Teräsbetoni for motivational music

    Other mods for the Pigeon I can recommend:

    If you experience any bugs or problems please let me know using the Discussion tab! Suggestions are also welcome but I can not promise anything.

Recent Updates

  1. Removed duplicate parts in 6.0
  2. New content!
  3. Some parts and fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. superswag98
    Version: 6.01
    All we need now is for someone to make a Japanese mini truck or micro van for BeamNG Drive. (Suzuki, Isuzu, Subaru, Mitsubishi or Daihatsu)
  2. sergiopt04
    Version: 6.01
    Haha awesome mod and awesome video by @gigawert
    5 stars all day long!
  3. iheartmods
    Version: 6.01
    Love it!
  4. FunnyBone8
    Version: 6.01
    I like it a lot. Maybe you can make an ambulance version LOL
  5. Nadeox1
    Version: 6.01
    Well done package!
  6. GroundControl
    Version: 6.01
    Incredible mod! Works just amazing for me!
  7. furiousfireball
    Version: 6.01
    Best pigeon mod/pack ever!!
  8. SkipperPlay
    Version: 6.01
    Fly, Pigeon, fly!
  9. kaiser imnop
    kaiser imnop
    Version: 6.01
    cool update i love it
  10. Joseph24
    Version: 5.1
    Great mod but PLEASE update, it has nether been updated in some time ;(
    1. Taza
      Author's Response
      I have an almost ready update for it, but I need some help. I'm waiting for an answer in the mod support forum.