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Unsupported Pigeon Mod Pack 8.1

Pigeon = multitool

  1. Taza
    This is a (hopefully) never-ending Pigeon addon mod, which aims to add all kinds of parts and skins to the Pigeon. Most of these parts work with @mike94 's Four-Wheeled Pigeon.
    ATTENTION! If you have installed that mod and my mod, you need to go to Controls>Vehicle Specific and bind the missing keys there. Turbines=E, Pitch Down=T, Pitch Up=G, Roll Right=H, Roll Left=F and everything else O. This will most likely be fixed after some BeamNG updates, please be patient :)

    This little mod adds:
    • Enough skins
    • Open-able tailgate and box door
    • Police and taxi parts
    • Sport suspension parts
    • Offroad suspension parts
    • Ton of cosmetic parts
    • Lots of bed attachments
    • Lots of spoilers for box and bed cover
    • D15 bed with Roll Bar, Bed Rack and dually flares
    • Rear and front bumpers
    • Customisable body with many many parts
    • Alternate gasoline and diesel fuel tanks
    • Extended and shortened frames, with 4-wheel options for users with mike94's mod
    • 5 wheeler frame
    • Flatbeds
    • Dump body
    • Long and short bed
    • 3 new engines
    • New exhausts
    • Transmissions: automatic drag, racing, 2-speed...
    • Multiple new differentials
    • 3 wheel drive
    • Wide selection of wheels to choose from, from drifting to offroading
    • Wing with turbines
    And more to come!
    Have fun!;)



    screenshot_00119.png screenshot_00146.png screenshot_00207.png screenshot_00230.jpg screenshot_00238.png screenshot_00241.png screenshot_00228.png screenshot_00254.png screenshot_00312.png screenshot_00381.png screenshot_00705.png screenshot_00945.jpg screenshot_01051.png screenshot_01091.png screenshot_01059.png

    A word about the Airlines Pigeon
    To fly it, follow the controls listed on your screen top right corner. I recommend using your left hand for E and your right hand for T, F, G and H. Airspeeds of over 180km/h (or 110mph) can be dangerous, but I know that's not stopping you from trying. If you want to change the wing color use the third color palette.

    Credits/thanks to:
    - @D-Troxx for his help with the D15 bed taillights
    - @Darren9 for offroad wheel mesh and textures
    - @BowlerHatJack
    - @CaptainZoll 5 wheeler idea, motivation
    -Mikko Piitulainen for his wing 3d model (important, I paid him. Tho like 16 months late. The price was a bottle of coke.)
    -BeamNG dev team for official skins and models
    -BeamNG mod support team for awesome help
    -CyanogenMod for a working calculator
    -Teräsbetoni for motivational music

    Other mods for the Pigeon I can recommend:

    If you experience any bugs or problems please let me know using the Discussion tab! Suggestions are also welcome but I can not promise anything.

    Want to donate and support my work? Click the link below!
    Here is a quick chart of what your donations can get me:
    1€ = 1 beer
    2€ = 2 beers
    5€ = 5 beers

Recent Updates

  1. More parts
  2. Fixes
  3. 5WD is better than RWD

Recent Reviews

  1. carlover6x6
    Version: 8.1
    I love it, (just an FYI), the pigeon tailgate can already open sometimes some mods can make controls go away.
  2. Winnie chen
    Winnie chen
    Version: 8.1
    Very good mod!
  3. ParadoxShiba
    Version: 8.1
    Bruh @taza this was a great mod and everyone loved it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU UPDATE IT
  4. coolgamer55
    Version: 8.1
    great mod @taza can you update the mod
  5. Theodore The Class B20
    Theodore The Class B20
    Version: 8.1
    I love this mod. Please update it
  6. andrzejserafin5
    Version: 8.1
  7. Cheesy 782
    Cheesy 782
    Version: 8.1
    I love this lol
  8. divebomber
    Version: 8.1
    it still works and its great!
  9. Valve Anti-Cheat
    Valve Anti-Cheat
    Version: 8.1
    Used to be a great mod but there have been no updates in nearly two years and some things don't work anymore.
    1. Taza
      Author's Response
      Yes, the mod is quite clearly "unsupported". For now, I don't have the time to fix it.
  10. michael_zowski
    Version: 8.1
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