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Unsupported Pigeon Mod Pack 8.1

Pigeon = multitool

  1. More parts

    The added things:
    • New flatbed
    • Sun visor
    • Side steps
    • Bedy flares
    • Bumper for 5 wheeler frame
    • Front Offroad Bumper
    screenshot_01091.png screenshot_01105.png screenshot_01097.png

    The changed stuff:
    • New preview pics without bloom
    • removed the last D15 bed config
    • Offroad lights don't flap around
  2. Fixes

    • Rebuilt the sport suspension parts. They now behave somewhat like a lowered leaf spring setup on a 3-wheeler would irl. So still awful, but better.
    • V4 engine inertia reduced by 50%
    • 5-wheeler bed textures are now seamless
    • Some exhausts have less afterfire
    • Acrobatic flying model has more drag on the rudder
    • lua name change for better compatibility with other mods
  3. 5WD is better than RWD

    8.0 Changelog

    5WD Pigeon! Thanks to @CaptainZoll this thing is now... a thing. He also made one, but while we wait for his version, here's my take on it!

    screenshot_01050.png screenshot_01056.png

    New exhaust options, exhausts now affect engine torque

    More grilles and a new body with Hopper lights:
    screenshot_01041.png ...
  4. Removed duplicates

    removed duplicates
  5. The biggest update in the history of updates, maybe ever

    Click "read more" to read everything!

    7.0 Highlights:
    • All new V4 engine
    • 3WD
    • Drag config
    • LOTS of new parts
    screenshot_00820.png screenshot_00831.png screenshot_00947.png
    Complete list of new content:

    • New V4 engine
      • custom models
      • own N2O...
  6. Removed duplicate parts in 6.0

    Removed duplicated parts in 6.0 and made the Okudai skin colorable
  7. New content!

    New parts:
    • Long bed
    • metal box and wood crate for long bed
    • bed cover
    • lots of spoilers for bed cover
    • roof rack with pipes
    • rollbar for pigeon bed
    • police light bar
    • tunable offroad suspension parts
    • darren offroad wheels
    • alternate fuel tanks for extended frame
    • unbranded tailgate now works
    • amber light bar and red beacon light now work
    • Camo, Delivery, Glow in the dark, Airlines and Dirty skin are now colorable
    • 0.6L...
  8. Some parts and fixes

    • extended 4-wheeler frame (for this one, you also need the Four-Wheeled Pigeon mod!!)
    • some front wheels for the Four-Wheeled Pigeon mod
    • open-able tailgate and box door
    • flatbed for extended frame(s)
    • box antenna
    • abs brakes
    • amber light bar
    • sport suspension parts (could be improved a lot)
    • Nomi GTC wing
    • front...
  9. Flying Pigeon and more!

    Finally a new and fresh update for this mod!

    • Body with Rollcage
    • Bed with attachments
    • Bed rack for that bed
    • Glow in the dark skin
    • Ibishu Airlines skin
    • 0.6L I4 Engine
    • Race 6-Speed Manual transmission for 600cc and 0.6L engines
    • More wheels for the extended frame
    • Wing
    • duallies have tunable tire pressure
    • updated configs
    Please report bugs here! :)...
  10. Extended frame + dump truck

    • Extended frame
    • Dump body
    The extended frame has most of the parts that are available on the normal frame. If you experience any bugs or problems please let me know using the Discussion tab!
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