Unsupported Pigeon Mod Pack 8.1

Pigeon = multitool

  1. Some wheels + jbeam improvements

    • STX Rear wheels (black and white)
    • Folk and STX Front wheels
    Adjusted D15 bed and offroad rear bumper jbeams
    Removed unused and renamed some models
    Updated some configs and preview images
  2. More stuff

    • D15 Bed with some accessories (roll bar and bed rack)
    • D15 body colored and black rear bumpers
    • D15 offroad rear bumper
    • new "Lesser Body", basically stripped version
    • doors with no windows
    • Alternate gasoline and diesel tanks
    • 2-Speed manual transmission with no reverse
    • Welded 4.10 rear differential
    • Camo skin
    • Delivery Livery
    • Dually rear wheels
    • Folk rear wheels
    Also updated configs and added some. If you experience any problems please let...
  3. Offroad + Taxi

    • Fixed racing skins being 2048x1026, now 2048x1024
    • Added Custom Roof Rack
    • Added Locking Rear Differential (Alt+D)
    • Added Taxi Ad Carrier (has the normal ad skins)
    • Added Taxi skin
    • Added Dirty skin
    • Offroad and Taxi Pigeons:
    screenshot_00208.png screenshot_00209.png
  4. 0.8 compatible and Racing!

    • updated to 0.8
    • 4 racing skins and configs:
    screenshot_00195.png screenshot_00196.png
    screenshot_00197.png screenshot_00198.png
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