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  1. bitelaserkhalif
    Ibishu Pigeon: Export Version
    "More power is needed, 500cc won't cut it. For export market, we decided to enlarge the engine to 800cc. Also Diesel engine is much requested, so there's 2 cylinder 800cc engine lopped off from 1.6l 4 pot diesel." ~ Quote from Ibishu CEO when attempting to expand to lucrative market such as India.


    Parts that this mod would add:
    • CVT gearbox
    • 800cc 3 cylinder (export version) based upon F8C engine
    • 800cc Turbodiesel 2 cylinder + diesel fueltank based upon E08A engine
    • 150cc 1 cylinder engine with custom gearbox. Fictious design. This engine has intershaft
    • EFi system for engine
    • 4 lug spare tyre
    • 1 ton wood crate
    • Ultra Heavy Duty suspensions
    • Police amber beacon light (with siren)
    • Belasco Police Dept. livery (taken from fullsize and modified a bit)
    • Centrifugal supercharging for 3 cylinder engines
    (some part is compatible with wigeon particularly the one related to engine.)

    Configs that added:
    • Epsilon 5
    • Epsilon 5 Opulence (modernized)
    • Gamma 5
    • Gamma 5 Opulence (modernized)
    • 800 GTZ
    • Police (belasco)
    • Police (surplus)
    • Street Cleaner
    • Junker 150cc overload (2 stroke)

    Things to consider:
    • The 1 ton wood crate has tendency to fell off
    • I couldn't do 3d modelling properly (only scripting), so everything is looking like stock engine (I learned, now the supercharger, 1 cyl gas motor, and 2 pot diesel engine has it's own mesh), weight has been adjusted
    • 2 stroke black smoke? Need a way to make it blue

    Recommended/Related mod to install:
    4-lug and 5-lug ibishu pigeon (doesn't conflict, but now there's two options of >3 lug wheels)

    • Beamng devs for jbeam
    • 2 cylinder sound from Tronadorous (this author is inactive in this forum, after several conclusion)
    • 1 cylinder sound from devo343 (the permission has been given)

    Fun fact:
    • This mod were conceived before the pigeon got remastered and had their 4 wheel version, so I had to work around it to support current version.
    • Originally I wanted to add S/C and CVT only, but why not add more as there's 4 wheel pigeon? I might been overtaken by 4/5 lug pigeon mod, but I never published it, so....

Recent Reviews

  1. Lewhik
    Version: 1.0.2
    Looks quite good, but the Police Skin could ve executed much better...
    1. bitelaserkhalif
      Author's Response
      I did that in hurry, sorry
  2. Crash_time
    Version: 1.0.1
    1. bitelaserkhalif
      Author's Response
      thanks a lot!
  3. thegaming11
    Version: 1.0.1
    i love this!
    1. bitelaserkhalif
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