Pikes Peak - LIDAR Edition 0.94

The famous hillclimb race, now with smooth pavment.

  1. Ewanc
    Here's the century old Race To The Clouds, all 12.4 miles and 4300 feet of it. Every detail possible was added including; guard rails, all big bolders and logs along the side of the road, tree placement and scaling, road signs and markers, and even the drainage gutters.

    Features include:

    • Time Trial Mode; the full hill climb course and a shorter GT2 style one, both are reversible.
    • 2 separate versions of the map, one is paved and the other is the "classic" gravel.
    • New: super smooth mesh roads, modeled specially using advanced techniques to get realistic banking and contours.
    • Fully optimized graphics, for smooth frames and maxed out details.
    new_ppihc02.jpg new_ppihc03.jpg new_ppihc07.jpg new_ppihc06.jpg new_ppihc05.jpg new_ppihc08.jpg

    Perview video courtesy of Levy3Poop

    The terrain was generated using a combination of USGS 1M LIDAR for surfaces close to the road and 10m DEMs for the vast expanses out to the edge of the map, along with a low poly mesh to create even more terrain surrounding the map. I used google street view to create very accurate details all along the track.

    Here's an add-on that includes the buildings from the old version.

    Known bugs:
    • The guard rail heights are uneven in places. This is purely cosmetic and their hit boxes will always work perfect.
    Thanks to:
    Ian @ The Colorado GIS Coordination and Development Program: For acquiring LIDAR elevation data for the whole mountain.
    Google Street View Car: Drove all the way to the summit and even back behind the train station.
    BeamNG: For all vanilla assets I used, which is about 90%.
    fufsgfen: For encouraging me to keep at it, and finally release the level.
    Next up:
    • Making this version compatible with the old one, so they can load independently.
    • Detailing the areas above Glen Cove
    • Adding curbs and rock walls to the meshed road models
    • Cleaning up the new roads and integrating them a little better.
    • Building a railroad system down the back side of the mountain.
    This map is very large and may require 8GB of ram to load successfully. Here's the Pikes Peak forum tread for this track. Please use this resource or PM me about issues and bugs rather than the review page, so they don't get buried or overlooked.
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Recent Reviews

  1. IAmTheBatManXIII
    Version: 0.94
    The map is amazing, I cant stop playing it!
  2. Hank_Montgomery
    Version: 0.94
    The ground behind the tree walls looks like it got burned by some may farmer. The sky looks very ugly too. I wish you did something about these textures
  3. John Martin Creed
    John Martin Creed
    Version: 0.94
    Cool!! It's like Saint Seya but the car edition! I'll climb this long ass hill to unleash my pegasus car attack and save the princess!!
  4. Camdoo7
    Version: 0.94
    Hi Ewan, love this mod, looks great and it's a lot of fun to drive. Your work on smoothing the terrain really shows!

    (Side note: would you mind shooting me a DM when you can please? I'd love to chat about a project I'm starting and I keep trying to DM but it keeps saying it can't send it for some reason. Thanks!)
  5. PR05TEJA
    Version: 0.94
    The map is great, realy enjoy playing it with a steering wheel! Great work. But i have a question, is the missing "starting gate" intentional, or is it missing by some mistake (in short, i just don't have it there and don't know why)?
  6. MrBear34
    Version: 0.94
    this map is just amazing, it looks really good and it's very well optimised. You should really give it a try. The curves are good and you have two types : dirt and roads.
  7. smk020
    Version: 0.94
    My favorite rally map!
  8. JaykayX71
    Version: 0.94
    One of my favorite maps/tracks. Only wish the weird half blue mountain was fixed...
  9. Mullayho
    Version: 0.94
    Still my favourite race to this day
  10. Gabriel Pereira Saideles
    Gabriel Pereira Saideles
    Version: 0.94
    Just, wow.
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