Pikes Peak - LIDAR Edition 0.92

The famous hillclimb race, now with smooth pavment.

  1. Smooth asphalt update! + fixes

    I've been working tirelessly for the past month on modeling new roads to fix the bumpy terrain surface for the asphalt version. I have to say its a success and hope you enjoy the silky smooth 100+ MPH driving.
    I also attempted to align all assets to the new road shape and smoothed rough edges considering this more accurate model follows slightly different lines and banking. There's still maybe a little clean up to do, but nothing that will get in the way of a good...
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  2. Bug fixes, plus gravel time trials

    • Added Time Trial mode to gravel version. Fixed starting gate materials.
    • Fixed loading bugs
    • Added wind emitters
    • Fixed the missing decal road at the start line of the gravel version
    • Moved the spawn locations, so they are at the real start and finish of the race.
    • Fixed the gravel version's ground model, so it makes dust clouds and has proper traction.
  3. Bug fixes, plus gravel version

    Added a new gravel version of the level, for all of you who want to reenact Climb Dance.

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed spawn points, so they no longer crash the game.
    • missing guard rail end materials
    • removed broken scenarios from old level, will be replaced by time trials
    • kicked off small rocks close to the road's edge
    • patched some holes ion the outer terrain near starting line
    • Swept off gravel (invisible) on the road's edge
  4. Moved files to levels folder

    This just move all the files in the level folder.
    This way it's future proof and the repo information will work correctly.

    You don't really need to re-download the map.
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