Unsupported Police Pursuit Scenario Pack V1.2

Bring justice to 5 criminals on the world of BeamNG

  1. Darthbob555
    This scenario pack contains 5 police pursuits in which you will need to take down criminals. All scenarios have rules on how to apprehend the suspect:

    Important: The 'End of the Line' scenario requires the SBR widebody mod and high speed power pack - download them here :http://www.beamng.com/resources/nomis-widebody-sbr4-by-danielon398767-sh3lbye.634/


    Industrial interception (difficulty 50/100):

    "A suspect is at large in a race edition of the sunburst. You will be equipped with a police edition of the sunburst to bring justice! It doesn't matter how much you damage your car, just make sure you stop him long enough to arrest him. Good luck!" - pin the suspect for 5 seconds to win


    Runaway Rampage (difficulty 65/100):

    "Two thieves in a blue 200BX have stolen codes to get into the global bank! Destroy the car enough to stop the communications device within the car from working.It will only take them 2 minutes to send the signal so you need to intercept them within that time.Good luck!" - destroy some of the suspect car to win


    Truck takedown (difficulty 75):

    "Reports of a stolen truck have been flooding the Beam Police Department. Unfortunately, the only patrol car unassigned is an old vintage police car. Give it only last pursuit and arrest the thief! Good luck!" - pin the suspect down for 5 seconds to win


    Port Plunder (diffculty 85):

    "A ship has docked at jungle rock island with an smuggled car onboard; a rare race edition of the civetta bolide.Arrest the thieves but be careful not to damage the car as only a handful exist in the world!Good luck!" - pin the suspect down for 5 seconds and be careful not to damage the other car.


    End of the Line (difficulty 95) -there are two scenarios, one that uses stock cars and one that uses modded cars:

    "This is it; all police attempts have been deployed in an attempt to takedown the most wanted suspect. Nearly every single car owned by the police force has been neutralised by this suspect. Only your car remains and the police have abandoned the rulebook for dealing with the suspect; eliminate the car, whatever it takes. It doesn't matter how you do it; give him no mercy. Don't bother arresting him, just 100% destroy the suspect. Good luck officer!" - destroy the suspect to win


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Recent Reviews

  1. Kayamba
    Version: V1.2
    i searched for this one. thanks
  2. Floppydopda
    Version: V1.2
    You probably can't do much about this, but the AI is a really bad driver. But otherwise, its a good pack
  3. Car8john
    Version: V1.0.2
    Could you make a version of end of the line that doesn't use any other mods? My computer has trouble when I add more than 2 or3 mods at a time
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Sure thing :)
  4. Maximus;)
    Version: V1.0.2
    Excellent! Make a scenario where police is chasing you.
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      I'm actually doing that right now :)
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