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Polish Roads 2.1.1

Semi-realistic map based on Poland

  1. The Final Update

    New update add:
    - Spring Variant
    - Drift Track
    - Completely rebuilded countryside
    - New assets
    - Much better performance, optimized LODs and much more
    - New textures
    - Map is more compatible with older GPUs now (fixed pow2 errors, etc)*
    - New ScatterSky system
    - New vegetation
    - Fixed bugs from previous version
    - Industrial Site
    - Scrapyard
    - Garages
    - Windfarm
    - Improved roads

    *We tested map on some kind of GPUs such as: GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 1050ti, GTX 960, GTX 645, NVS 5200M, Intel HD 4000, Intel HD 3000. Older GPUs (NVIDIA fermi generation) tends to fails loading of nonpow2 textures, we fixed it and currently everything should work well. Unfortunally we can't test compatibility with DX10 GPUs so these can have problems with map. On the other hand DX10 GPU's are not supported by game now.
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