Unsupported Polish Roads 2.2

Semi-realistic map based on Poland

  1. Polish Roads Revisited

    - Added hall for train rerailer
    - Added new car dealer model
    - Added new reverb
    - Added new shop model
    - Added new sounds
    - Added parking zones
    - Added real polish signs
    - Added tons of details, like wires, decals, graffiti, etc
    - Added train rerailer
    - Added whooshes
    - Completely reworked railroad
    - Completely reworked roads
    - Fixed broken lods
    - Fixed cache error
    - Fixed floating trees
    - Fixed materials
    - Fixed missing statics
    - Improved Bus Routes
    - Improved Performance on all PC's
    - Improved traffic behavior
    - Improved water
    - Near all meshroads replaced with TSStatics
    - New ScatterSky
    - New assets by @DoullPepper
    - Optimized all meshes, added proper layout, LODs, collisions for better performance
    - Optimized and cleaned up map filesystem
    - Removed AiTorror's Bus Pack Integration (WIP)
    - Removed Automation forest
    - Removed Better PostFX Mod integration
    - Removed Italy vegetation (replaced by DoullPepper one)
    - Removed music in garage and other places
    - Removed wet road effect
    - Replaced all old fences with new, better
    - Reworked bridge through middle of map
    - Reworked forest
    - Reworked sawmill area
    - Rewritten LUA
    - easter egg!
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