Unsupported Polish Roads 2.2

Semi-realistic map based on Poland

  1. Christmas Update!

    Changelog for 2.2:
    - Added few new textures and details
    - Added lot of new assets
    - Added more layers to roads
    - Cleaned up files
    - Converted all materials to json system to improve compatibility
    - Fixed cache issue
    - Fixed few sounds
    - Fixed info json
    - Fixed license plates
    - Fixed lot of errors
    - Fixed lua
    - Fixed river materials
    - Fixed terrain issues
    - Improved assets
    - Improved clutter
    - Improved compatibility with 0.21
    - Improved decal roads
    - Improved decalroads textures
    - Improved foliage
    - Improved forest
    - Optimized all meshes to prevent lags
    - Optimized textures
    - Reduced drawcalls to improve performance
    - Splitted seasons into addon to save bandwidth and disk space
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