Beta Porscher Career 9001 1.3

This is the mose awesome of awesome Porscher Career 9001.... Wait?!?!?!?!

  1. Natandog
    So, the "huge update" includes, a sport edition, a luxury edition, and a proper PORSCHE(R) engine.
    So I do not know what to do to this mob, since there is not really anything to do, anyways if I do make another update it will be something like a race edition or just making the car more accurate.

    Base model :

    Sport :

    Luxury :


    1. HighresScreenshot00045.png
    2. HighresScreenshot00046.png
    3. HighresScreenshot00047.png
    4. HighresScreenshot00049.png
    5. HighresScreenshot00050.png
    6. HighresScreenshot00052.png
    7. HighresScreenshot00053.png

Recent Reviews

  1. This_Is_JOHN_CE-O_Sorry
    Version: 1.0
    The Rear end looks really accurate, but the front end looks too simple
    1. Natandog
      Author's Response
      I was too lazy and I was rushing. Now there is an update currently waiting approval.
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