Experimental Prototype Pulling Sled 1.2.3

A prop that simulates a tractor pull sled.

  1. .20.2 fix

    Thanks to torsion for updating the lua
    I fixed the config
    added thumbnails
    added info json for the config

    You can choose from a massive list of wheels in the parts menu.
  2. No more wheelies

    Although it looked kind of fun having the wheels lift off the floor from the pushback on the back of the pan, it was not intended by Torsion when he added the system. I have made the distance that it pushes back shorter.
    When the wheels are off of the floor the whole assembly bounces which makes the friction on the pan inconsistent.

    Shortened pushback limit
  3. Lower min weight

    Lowered minium weight box setting to 1000lbs
  4. Many updates

    Changed model to match Torsion's pan Jbeam
    Adjusted node offset to fixed directional registration
    Added wheels hubs of the pickup to provide a range of wheel options (thank you Torsion)
  5. Hitch and adjustments

    Added a hitch to the rear of the sled so that you can pull more than one at a time

    Moved ballend1 node for the front chain to match model better
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