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Pseudo Random Tour 1.4.0

Drive from a random position to another random position, via a random vehicle!

  1. Fixes and improvements

    A few fixes and some new features and general improvements:
    • Fixed an issue with the circuit generator backup system getting stuck in an infinite loop in certain conditions
    • Fixed saving not working properly if the scenario is reset beforehand
    • Fixed 'keep current vehicle' option not working when loading a route
    • Fixed 'always sunny' option not removing the weather affect from a previously generated route
    • Fixed waypoint UI not resetting once a new path is generated
    • Fixed...
  2. Some small fixes

    Just a few small fixes:
    • A waypoint no longer spawns on your vehicle, which isn't triggered (saved configurations in a previous version of this mod will still have this issue though)
    • Added in the Industrial map to the default scenarios
    • Fixed displaying an incorrect amount of waypoints on the UI when resetting the scenario
  3. Addition Fixes and Features

    Just a couple of fixes and some misc features:
    • Added in an option to keep the current vehicle for the next route
    • Added in an option to only generate the last waypoint of a route, allowing you to go about it via any way you want (distances and road-indicator will not be very accurate)
    • Fixed being able to start the scenario before a route is geenrated, if the scenario is reset
    • Change the name of the route length to "approximate" - from recent changes to better lapped-routes...
  4. More fixes and features

    This update brings in a few more features as well as a number of bug fixes.

    • Added in the option to remove the road indicator
    • Added in some additional info to the info screen about using the map; specifically, how you can zoom and change the opacity via the mouse
    • Loading configurations gives you the options of spawning traffic, showing the road indicator and making it always sunny (ie. they are not locked when you save the route)
    • Loading routes...
  5. Traffic + Bug Fixes

    This update brings in the option of traffic and a few bug fixes:
    • Fixed not being able to play a generated track if the physics are paused during generation
    • Checkpoints close to intersections will no longer be added, which should help navigating
    • Added traffic as an option - the game will take a minute to load in the AIs but once they are generated, generating a new route with traffic enabled will not re-generate them, so it is a one-time wait (unless you un-check traffic, then...
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